I am a Hong Kong-based risks mitigation consultant covering the Asian region. My practice also includes copywriting and copyediting services for corporate and institutional clients, on both demand and retainer basis.

My passion in writing and journalism has also led me to a regular “Discreetly” column with The Standard newspaper in Hong Kong. I also contribute to the online news portal AsiaSentinel.com  and now this blog. Here you will find a selected collection of my articles from the past, my Discreetly column and also occasional impromptu musings and comments.

My main topics of interest include business risks, risks management, corporate governance, cyber security, electronic gadgets, industrial espionage and commercial crimes/frauds/scandals which led to the name “Shhh-cretly” of this blog.

I’m an award-winning former business journalist specializing in investigating and writing exposés on commercial crimes. Prior to that, I was an economist with a Swiss financial institution and risks mitigation specialist with a global advisory firm.

I hope you enjoy my blog and look forward to your comments.


Vanson Soo

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